Rate Star Field

Rate Star Field

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Star rate field for EspoCRM,

(Support  Espocrm v6+ )

  • Vesion: 1.2.2
  • Type: Extension
  • Safe Upgrade


This extension extends the espocrm fields with a new type named "Rate".

Support single or multiple cretiria and calculate the average of the rows rates.

Support search and list views.


You also can check the video on our Youtube.

  • Coming features:


    • Add fill color option in field manager
    • Add color range option, means to have two colors one for the zero value and one for the max value so the color will reflect the range between then regarding the row value.
    • Add option for stars number.

    • ebla-rate-1.0.0: (07.10.2019)
      the first version

    • ebla-rate-1.0.1: (10.10.2019)
      fix bug

    • ebla-rate-1.0.3: (12.10.2019)
      css z-index fix

    • ebla-rate-1.0.3: (29.02.2020)
      fix client.json adding "__APPEND__"

    • ebla-rate-1.0.3: (29.02.2020)
      accept defs from params if no metadata available

    • ebla-rate-1.1.0: (07.06.2020)
      Support single criteria (simple mode)

    • ebla-rate-1.2.0: (07.06.2020)
      - Always reactive option

    • ebla-rate-1.2.1: (14.06.2020)
      - hide data field from layout manager

    • ebla-rate-1.2.2: (14.06.2020)
      - minor fix



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