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This extension brings the power of bootstrap grid system to detail view in espocrm, 



  • support two layouts for panels:
    - Tabs: panels as tabs
    - Grid: panels as cells in 12 column
  • support different panels & cells column size for different screen sizes
    - xs (for phones - screens < 768px wide)
    - sm (for tablets - screens >= 768px wide)
    - md (for small laptops - screens >= 992px wide)
    - lg (for laptops and desktops - screens >= 1200px wide)
  • support 12 column instead of 4 maximum in standard espo
  • support different cells sizes whereas espo only support equals
  • Add new list & detail layouts to the entity



  • Coming soon

    • ability to change the list layout in the relation panel from layout manager
    • support drag & drop
  • Installation

    This is standard espocrm extension, installable, if you are new to espocrm just follow these steps.

    After installing the extension you will have a new section in the administration panel named: "Ebla Extension".

    We provide new layout manager entry, dont use the old layout manager if you want to have the 12 columns feature.

    You still able to use the old layout manager for detail views that not need to have complex layout.



    • layout-pro-v2.0.0: (12.10.2019)
      100% safe upgrade

    • layout-pro-v2.2.1: (29.02.2020)
      respect fullWidth from the standard layout

    • layout-pro-v2.2.2: (19.05.2020)
      - fix issue after update espocrm to 5.9.1

    • layout-pro-v2.2.3: (08.06.2020)
      - fix issue not change panel name

    • layout-pro-v2.3.0: (08.06.2020)
      - Ability to add layouts

    • layout-pro-v2.3.1: (14.06.2020)
      - Fix compatibility with different versions of espocrm



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