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Public forms for espocrm can be embedded in IFrames to your website or sent as links via emails.


Use cases:

- Collect feedbacks from clients (can use star rate extension).

- Collect CVs.

- Recive tickets to Case entity.

- Registeration for portal users !!


and more


Read information about the extension .


Release notes are available here.

EspoCRM Public Forms

    • create public forms to collect data from users.
    • support create / edit function.
    • forms are protected by encrypted tokens.
    • Can select the scope & fields
    • Logo hide / show.
    • Link can be sent using Email templates easily.
    • You can embed the form in your website.
    • support espo layout manager for building the forms.

    • Go to Adminstration > Feedback Forms.
    • Add feedback, select the scope and fields.

    That is, very simple!

    Every entity from the selected scope will has its own generated link placed in a new field named: "feedbackLink".


    You can use this link in PDF / Email templates.

Product Page: Stores_Product_Widget
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