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Enhancing the Espocrm Ebla Theme: New Features Border Radius & Custom CSS

Updated: Apr 22

Espocrm already support adding custom css files.

Go to the json file in the following path (create it if not exist):

    "cssList": [
Ebla Theme Made it easier

In the conventional method, you must access files each time you wish to make changes, then edit and upload them to observe the modifications. However, with the Ebla Theme extension, customizing and refining your EspoCRM interface to suit your preferences becomes effortlessly streamlined all from administration page.

1. Adjustable Border Radius:

Now you can easily change the elements border radius. We added a new option from type integer.

  • If zero then no border radius.

  • If empty then default value from Espocrm will applied with no custom effects.

  • If number will applied

espocrm ebla theme border radius
Ebla Theme Border Radius

2. Custom CSS:

No need to add files and make changes to json or use ftp every time you want to make changes to css, now you can easily refer to Administration >> Ebla Theme to freely write any custom css, the power is to play with css variables.

Espocrm Ebla Theme Custom Css
Ebla Theme Custom Css

3. Enhanced Autocomplete Functionality:

Save time and ensure accuracy with autocomplete that covers CSS standard words and EspoCRM css root variables. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this feature makes CSS editing more easy.


To disable box shadows, simply add the following code in the custom CSS input:

:root {
  --default-box-shadow: none;
  --top-bar-box-shadow: none;


We're committed to ensuring that our extensions meet your needs, and we appreciate any questions or ideas. We always work to ensure that our extensions provide value and meet your expectations. Thank you for reading this article and for choosing our products, we look forward to serving you better with each update.

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