EspoCRM Map Plus

EspoCRM Map Plus

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(Support  Espocrm v6+ )

Existing features:

  • This extension enhances the existing address field type in espocrm with two additional inputs latitude and longitude, so the map will rendered with these coordinates if exist instead of the address line, if no coordinates detected then will continue as it in default behavior.
  • Search using google service and fill all adress data from the selected result
  • Drow the route between two addresses.
  • Calculate the duration & distance between several addresses.



    # map-1.0.0: (07.02.2020) ====================================
    - enhance address with longitude & latitude

    # map-2.0.0: (07.06.2020) ====================================
    - Map Route: new field type

    # map-2.1.0: (26.06.2020) ====================================
    - add distance & duration fields

    # map-3.0.0: (6.07.2020) ====================================
    - support google search results and automatically dump the address data from the results


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