Feedback Forms (Including setup support)

Feedback Forms (Including setup support)

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Version: 4.2.0 (Support  Espocrm v6+ )

YouTube Video (1.3.0)


Public forms for espocrm can be embedded in IFrames to your website or sent as links via emails.


Support puplic portal access using encypted url token.


Use cases:

- Collect feedbacks from clients (can use star rate extension).

- Collect CVs.

- Recive tickets to Case entity.

- Registeration for portal users !!


and more


  • Existing Features

    • create public forms to collect data from users.
    • support create / edit function.
    • forms are protected by encrypted tokens.
    • Can select the scope & fields
    • Logo hide / show.
    • Link can be sent using Email templates easily.
    • You can embed the form in your website.
    • support espo layout manager for building the forms.

  • Usage

    • Go to Adminstration > Feedback Forms.
    • Add feedback, select the scope and fields.

    That is, very simple!

    Every entity from the selected scope will has its own generated link placed in a new field named: "feedbackLink".


    You can use this link in PDF / Email templates.


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